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What's new?  The Paint Cabin !

This little old cabin was built by my father and his friend, Mike, many years ago.  After the cabin was built, they moved it to Camp Dakotah in Sisseton, South Dakota.  During the move, the cabin got stuck right where it sits.  Its been stuck there ever since !!   

Over the years, the cabin was rented out to visitors.  It was recently up-cycled and it is now additional studio space for me.  You are welcome to come by and see the art on display, watch me paint, or just say Hello!   I am here on occasional afternoons and evenings.  

By Appointment.

You can also find the Paint cabin on Facebook at "The Paint Cabin

Some of the items in the gallery on this website are available at "The Paint Cabin"   You might also want to join one of my classes.

floral person's portrait graffiti


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